The Fetal Model
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How to use the Fetal Position Model

Turn the model around and feel the postition.  What is the "answer" and where do you find it?  The letters at the top (12 o'clock) of the model is the answer.  Look at the picture below. OP is at the top.  That is the fetal position: "occiput posterior".  Turn the model so that ROP is at the top, look and feel the position. Is the fetal position "right occiput posterior"?  Turn the model until ROT is at the top.  Look and feel the model.  Is the fetal position "right occiput transvere"?  This is how the model is used.  How easy is that?



Remember, the letters (ex. LOA, ROA, LOA etc) at the suture lines on the model do not determine the fetal position.  Correct fetal position is found at the top of the model.