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Perfect Your Skills with a Medical Learning Tool in Mullica Hills, NJ

This fetal position model, created by Cathy L. Geria, DNP LLC, is the ultimate medical learning tool in Mullica Hill, NJ, for developing proficiency at assessing how the fetus is situated. She created this unique implement more than 20 years to master the skill of determining fetal position. Cathy L. Geria, an experienced nurse practitioner, made it as a way for her to polish her skills.

This educational, medical model is now copyrighted and available for sale for educational purposes. This one-of-a-kind anatomically correct product is an excellent learning tool for OB/GYN residents, medical students, nurses, and midwives around the world.

Using an accurate model is a highly effective way to master a tricky skill that medical practitioners who are involved in the delivery of babies should be extraordinarily well-versed and adept at. By practicing with this scale model, interested people can learn the intricacies at their own pace in a relaxed setting that is conducive to learning rather than a pressure-packed delivery room while dealing with anxious patients.

Cathy L. Geria, DNP LLC, has more than 30 years of experience in the field and recognized the need for such a device, and the value it provides and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the fetal model.