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Accurate Fetal Model from Mullica Hill, NJ

Practitioners, nurses, and doctors have an obligation to learn how to use a fetal model to serve their patients better. The confidence instilled by learning this technique can offer immeasurable peace of mind, which transfers directly to expectant mothers. Providing accurate information helps them to stay informed and to understand the progress of development. Reassuring patients that things are proceeding as they should is critical to their health and wellbeing. As medical professionals, we are responsible for ensuring our patients understand their pregnancy and how the fetus changes over time. Your ability to provide accurate observations improves your relationship with your patient and your skill as a medical practitioner.

Obstetricians and their support team should learn how to use a fetal model at their earliest convenience. Hospitals and clinics can benefit in several ways from this model. It provides a prompt and correct fetal position assessment, saving time during examinations, and improving patient and practitioner relations. When you can offer an accurate opinion on a critical aspect of delivery, you can improve the outcome and address issues promptly. The popularity of the fetal position model is proof enough that this is an invaluable tool for those in obstetric care and their patients.

How to Use the Fetal Position Model

Turn the model around and feel the position. What is the answer and where do you find it? The letters at the top (12 o'clock) of the model are the answer. Look at the picture. OP is at the top. That is the fetal position: occiput posterior. Turn the model so that ROP is at the top. Look and feel the position. Is the fetal position right occiput posterior? Turn the model until ROT is at the top. Look at the model and feel it. Is the fetal position right occiput transverse? This is how the fetal model from Mullica Hill, NJ, is used. How easy is that?

Anatomical Fetal Model | Mullica Hill, NJ

Remember, the letters (ex. LOA, ROA, LOA, etc.) at the suture lines on the model do not determine the fetal position. The correct fetal position is found at the top of the model.