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Fetal Position Assessment in Mullica Hill, NJ

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Fetal Position Assessment in Mullica Hill, NJ

The skill of assessing the fetal position is usually one of the most complex procedures to master when examining a laboring woman. Learn how fetal position assessment in Mullica Hill, NJ, works using the anatomical fetal position model invented by Cathy L. Geria DNP.

Pocket-Sized Fetal Model

The model features of the suture lines that indicate the specific fetal position are made with durable plastic and designed to replicate the fetal skull. It measures a mere 12 cm, and it is small enough to fit in your lab coat pocket.

Anatomical Model in Mullica Hill, NJ

Learn The Fetal Positions

Learning the fetal positions can be acquired through a lot of practice. The more you practice utilizing the model, the quicker you will begin to recognize the feeling of the baby's head in various positions. Our fetal models are available to purchase individually or in reduced-rate bulk orders. Contact Cathy L. Geria today for more information about the fetal position model.